What is Citrix?

What is Citrix?

If you’re a newbie in the world of cloud computing, you’re probably wondering: “What is Citrix?” There are a few different types of Citrix solutions available. These include XenApp, XenDesktop, Platinum, and Enterprise. Read on to learn more about each. These products work together to create a unified computing environment. Each one provides different services to organizations.


Citrix XenApp is a software solution for application virtualization. It allows Windows applications to be accessed on any number of devices from a cloud system or shared server. Its many features help businesses make their IT departments more efficient and profitable. The software is widely available, and can be installed quickly and easily.

Citrix XenApp Server can be installed on a variety of servers, including physical servers. You can also install it on multiple servers in a data center if you wish to distribute the application. The server’s controller authenticates users and brokers connections between users. The Broker Service monitors the status of logged-on users and reconnects them to applications when they disconnect.

Citrix XenApp also supports multi-user VDI sessions. A single server can support up to 200 user sessions. The software can help reduce storage costs since it only requires 15 GB of shared storage. With XenApp, you can also manage images and patches in a central location.

Another feature of XenApp that you can use to manage user profiles is roaming profiles. This feature allows a user to access multiple XenApp servers at the same time, but still use a single user profile. This feature also addresses the “last write wins” problem. Users can easily switch from one server to another without losing their preferences.


Desktop virtualization is a good option for businesses that want to increase their productivity while still reducing costs. Citrix XenDeskstop is one of the desktop virtualization products that offer a cost-effective solution for companies. It works on both physical and virtual machines.

XenDesktop offers desktop, application, and server virtualization as well as built-in virtualization management features. The product has advanced features like automatic provisioning of desktops, application virtualization, and intelligent load-balancing. It also integrates with other technologies such as System Center and App-V.

XenDesktop enables organizations to virtualize desktops and provide employees with the freedom to access them from anywhere. Users can access corporate applications and desktops on mobile devices, and re-provision them in real time, all from a single location. It supports enterprise applications and cloud infrastructures.

Citrix XenDesk topoises virtual machines to manage a pool of virtual desktops. It also manages connections to these virtual machines. XenDesktop is available for multiple operating systems, and the user chooses a desktop using a browser. XenDesktop supports multi-protocol environments, and Provisioning Services enables desktop provisioning from a single master image.

XenDesktop also offers a powerful management console, called Studio. This unified console eliminates the need for separate management consoles and simplifies the deployment process. It guides users through the environment setup and workload creation process, including assigning applications and desktops to users. The studio also provides a wizard to allocate Citrix licenses for a Site. It communicates with the Controller through TCP port 80.

XenApp Platinum

Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition is an end-to-end application delivery system that virtualizes client-side and server-side applications for maximum performance and data security. It combines the essential capabilities of the Enterprise Edition with advanced capabilities for application performance monitoring and single sign-on application security.

XenApp Platinum Edition also comes with additional features that help improve the user experience. For example, it provides accelerated network access across CloudBridge solutions. It features StoreFront, which allows users to set passwords and unlock accounts. It also features smart access policy management for control over copy/paste and printing.

XenApp is a new name for Citrix Presentation Server. The product provides server-side application virtualization that enables organizations to create and deploy virtual desktops for employees and remote users. It enables administrators to create flexible and scalable access options and ensures the best access experience for every user. Moreover, it offers secure application architecture, which makes it possible for organizations to centralize their applications and data in a single, secure data center. This helps organizations reduce costs and improve data security. Furthermore, it guarantees that applications run quickly and smoothly.

Citrix XenApp Platinum comes with more features than the Enterprise edition. It also includes an advanced dashboard that can track and analyze network performance. It also offers a comprehensive set of reporting capabilities, including up to a year’s worth of historical data.

XenApp Enterprise

Citrix XenApp Enterprise is a server-based virtual application delivery solution that provides Windows-based applications and data to any device. The centralised management capabilities of this software ensure mobility and security while reducing IT costs. XenApp Enterprise also comes with features such as multi-factor authentication (MFA), which enables you to authenticate users with RADIUS, Kerberos, or SmartCard.

Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition is the strategic end-to-end application delivery solution. It delivers any Windows application and provides the highest performance, security, and mobility for users. This product also provides a comprehensive solution for managing and monitoring applications and operating costs. Its enterprise edition offers key capabilities for application performance monitoring and system resiliency, including single sign-on application security.

XenApp supports publishing server desktop, which provides users with a complete Windows user interface and access to applications installed on the server. This is also known as hosted shared desktop. In addition, the last three versions of XenApp provide application streaming, which replaces application isolation. It uses an application-profiler to stream applications down to the target OS.

The company offers Subscription Advantage, which entitles users to free upgrades as long as the licenses remain valid. XenApp 7.6 purchased in August 2015 will be free to upgrade to 7.7 when it is released in December. However, the contract will expire in August 2016 if it is not renewed.

XenDesktop Platinum

Citrix XenDeskstop Platinum delivers a complete virtual desktop experience, enabling employees to work from any device and on any network. It also comes with industry-leading XenApp. It lets you deliver a full desktop, apps, and content from any location, regardless of device.

XenDesktop Platinum comes with two levels of licensing. Enterprise licenses include XenApp. The Advanced and Platinum editions are the most cost-effective option, and each license offers unlimited usage. The Enterprise license has additional features, including a centralized management console.

The StoreFront portal provides easy access to virtual desktops. It supports several operating systems and web browsers. Thin client devices and other devices that can connect to the desktops are compatible with Citrix Workspace. Both products also include Citrix HDX, a proprietary technology suite that includes data compression and Independent Computing Architecture remote protocol. Provisioning Services allow administrators to provision virtual desktops from a single master image.

Citrix XenDesktopic Platinum also includes Citrix XenApp, which virtualizes applications for end-users. XenApp is commonly used in conjunction with XenDesktop to minimize individual user storage footprint. The Platinum edition also includes an enhanced version of XenApp called XenApp Platinum.

XenDesktop Platinum also supports VDI, which enables each user to have their own Windows Desktop OS. In addition to VDI, Citrix XenDeskbottom Platinum supports five FlexCast desktop delivery options, and customers with XenDesktop Platinum or Enterprise can take advantage of all models.

Citrix Receiver

Citrix Receiver is an end-user application used to connect to the Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp servers. It has many advantages and is an essential part of virtualization solutions. It allows a user to access their virtual desktops from any device. It also allows users to view and edit files and applications that are on the server.

It is essential that your Citrix environment is protected by a robust firewall and security system. Citrix receiver has undergone many changes over the years, including improvements to its security architecture. The latest version blocks communication over TLS 1.0 and 1.1 and only allows connections using TLS 1.2. This makes it much more secure than its older counterparts and prevents any malicious external attacks.

Citrix Receiver is also highly configurable. Users can choose which features they need and which features they want. The application can be deployed on Windows and Mac OS. It is also compatible with Android, Linux, and Windows Mobile devices. It allows users to connect to Citrix desktops from their smartphones and tablets.

Citrix is committed to helping its customers make the transition as smooth as possible. The Citrix Receiver application is designed to eliminate the need for client devices and frees up IT team resources. The app manages everything on one server, so it does not require the IT team to worry about updating client devices. It also offers a unified, connected experience across multiple touchpoints.

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