Track IP Addresses With an Online IP Tracker

Trace an IP Address With an IP Tracker Online

Before IP trackers became more available and cost effective, tracing IP addresses was often an unwieldy and complicated endeavor. Now with tools such as IP Logger it has become much simpler to easily track an individual IP address.

This website provides detailed information about an IP address’s location including town or city (not ISP), country, latitude and longitude coordinates as well as blacklist check to see if its IP is known for suspicious or spamming activities.

What Is My IP Address?

Your IP address is a unique number that identifies all of your online activities and can provide some details about you, such as approximate location and devices connected to the internet, websites visited and even personal details – but cannot disclose any names or personal data about yourself.

Your IP address can be verified through various devices’ settings, usually found within Wi-Fi or Ethernet settings. In addition, how to track ip address email headers or router log files may contain your ip address allowing for easier identification.

There are two categories of IP addresses, private and public. Private addresses can only be accessed by authorized users while public IPs allow computers and other devices connected directly to the internet accessing it directly to search for it and potentially reveal your identity to hackers.

Geobytes provides an IP geolocation tool that reveals your approximate location and internet service provider type – useful information for marketers looking to understand their audience better.

An IP address can also identify which website you’re visiting, enabling businesses that wish to create targeted ads to do so more effectively.

IP tracking tools can assist with other networking tasks, such as capacity planning and increasing network security. By monitoring the network for IP conflicts that could result in downtime if left unaddressed quickly, IP tracking solutions such as OpUtils provide a hierarchical tree view to make subnet management simple from a central console.


IP tracing can be an invaluable asset to webmasters looking to understand where visitors are coming from and when. It allows webmasters to gain insights into which content or advertisements are drawing users in. It can also show which demographic is visiting sites the most often.

Online services offer services for tracing IP addresses. They provide details such as the city and region where a user is located as well as more specific data such as their country and state of residency – these services can also provide detailed reports for free use.

Geobytes offers several tools to trace IP addresses. One such service is Geobytes, with several tools that help locate an IP address such as an Internet Explorer/Firefox toolbar that displays geolocation information as a popup window as well as information such as hostname, provider ASN coordinates for an IP address.

InfoSniper, another service offered by IP Address Solutions, offers users various data about an IP address’s location. It can display snippets such as country name, latitude/longitude coordinates, timezone information and hostname; plus it even provides users with a map showing where exactly it resides.

Geobytes was founded in 1999 as a global provider of geolocation software and anti-spam technology, held privately with 90% of shares held by its founders.


There are numerous free online services that will allow you to trace an IP address and display its country of origin, but for something more advanced like an advanced geolocation tracker then InfoSniper might be worth a look. It provides enhanced geolocation, mapping and proximity search services for websites. Furthermore, WordPress plugins exist that serve as interfaces into InfoSniper’s geolocation services.

This service works by sending requests to five different databases and then displaying the results from all responses received, providing details like Country, Region, City, Longitude Latitude Hostname Provider as well as additional data points gathered – this will also display as blue dots on a map!

This service provides you with plenty of details about an IP address’s location – such as town/city, state/county, country and continent. In addition to this information you’ll get language spoken, internet connection speed, local currency and telephone IDD code information as well as Google map location details as well as Wikipedia search capability for more extensive details. In addition, they check if their IP is listed with 80 DNS-based antispam databases.

Another great feature of this service is that they do not store, transmit, or pass along IP addresses parsed by their servers to any third-party services or cookies; geolocation information will only remain active as long as their service remains running. You can even try out their free demo version.

What Is My IP Address Lookup Tool

IP addresses are used to uniquely identify devices on the Internet and connect and communicate between them. Public IP addresses are easily visible online and can be used for tracking activity while private ones only show up locally, providing more privacy protection.

An IP lookup tool enables you to enter a public IP address and discover who registered it. The tool uses ARIN’s database, which includes contact and registration details for IP addresses.

Once an IP address is entered in the search field, this tool performs a WHOIS search to ascertain who owns that IP address. The results will provide details such as their name, location and other contact details – this can be invaluable when trying to track down who owns an IP that may be being used for spamming, hacking or any form of abuse.

Geolocation data relies on multiple IP-Based Geolocation providers and may differ depending on how accurate these third-party sources are. For example, ISPs serving multiple regions could result in inaccurate city designation for end users.

Tracking an IP address may be possible, but is rarely practical for most. Instead, use a virtual private network (VPN) to mask your public IP address and make it more difficult for hackers or other unwanted parties to track your activities. A VPN also protects you if your ISP accidentally gives out your public IP address to third parties; should any abusive IP addresses appear try reporting them directly to both ISP and third parties involved.

Whois Lookup

Whois is a search protocol designed to enable people to look up information on registered domain names and IP addresses. It is administered by The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), a non-profit organization responsible for overseeing registration process as well as setting contact standards. Registrars collect this data through WHOIS searches.

Whois lookup results include information regarding the domain registrar, contact details and administrative data associated with a particular domain name or IP address. These details can reveal sensitive data such as physical addresses for owners and technical staff members as well as sensitive contact info from third-party sources that could potentially target individuals or businesses. Although many registrars offer privacy settings options for users, their effectiveness cannot always be trusted and this data could still be obtained via other channels and used against individuals or businesses.

Online Whois Lookup tools allow external cybersecurity consultants to quickly assess a new domain name or IP address for patterns that could suggest it is part of an active attack, as well as maintain blocklists of known and emerging threats.

Whois is an Internet registry tool used to reveal IP addresses, their owners and other administrative details. Additionally, it allows businesses to gain more insight into their competitors or customers by uncovering how they register web names – something which may inform future business strategies. Whois searches can also be performed regularly as an effective means of uncovering delegation names for an IP address allowing other hosts to easily locate it via its address. Businesses seeking insight into competitors or customers may benefit from conducting regular whois searches to understand how registration practices may inform future strategies for success.

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