TaxWise Review – Tax Software For New Tax Preparers

TaxWise Review - Tax Software For New Tax Preparers

TaxWise offers a mobile app for interviewing clients

If you are a new tax preparer, you’ve probably noticed that TaxWise has a mobile app for interviewing clients. The app is designed to make the entire interview process quick and simple. It uses the ‘Easy Interview’ feature to ensure that no fields are missed, and the app has a handy ‘What if’ feature that lets you test various tax scenarios and save them to try again.

If you’re a busy professional, the app offers a number of features to make interviewing clients as easy as possible. For example, if you’re on the go, you can send a link to your clients to download the app, set up an account, and complete their interview on the go. If you prefer to work on a computer, you can continue to interview clients in a desktop version.

This mobile app integrates with TaxWise Online to streamline the preparation process. This feature allows preparers to easily share documents, sign Form 8879, and conduct interviews with clients. It also helps CPAs to manage their client information from a mobile device. Since this mobile app is integrated with TaxWise’s software, you can access your clients’ data anywhere, even if you’re not at the office.

The app also supports the use of bank products. It supports payroll compliance reporting, cash advances, and debit cards. It works with a number of tax banks. The app is also easy to use and offers a line-by-line help feature for users. It also provides instructions in both English and Spanish.

Another feature that makes TaxWise stand out from its competitors is its user-friendly interface. It guides you step-by-step through the entire preparation process and highlights errors along the way. The app also has a diagnostic tool that will allow you to check your returns for errors. It also has a ‘What If’ mode to allow you to run simulations of different tax situations.

It integrates with numerous banks

TaxWise tax software has a variety of payment options and can integrate with numerous banks. The software also allows for a wide range of refund options. It can also carry over previous year totals for existing clients. The tax software can be purchased directly from Wolters Kluwer or from a reseller. There are pros and cons to both options, so it’s best to do your research and compare offers.

TaxWise Online’s user interface is straightforward and easy to navigate. It features a user dashboard, e-filing, various forms, and an interview option. The software also has an easy-to-use menu bar and tabs for quick access to sections and features. TaxWise has extensive help available through phone, email, and live chat. There are also extended support hours during tax season. All support is included in the cost of the software.

TaxWise Online mobile app can help prepare clients’ estimated refunds and complete the 1040 interview. It can also notify a client if any information is missing. Besides, the app lets users manage multiple companies at one time. It also has a client portal where clients can view the status of their returns.

TaxWise tax software also offers a free trial version. You can try out the software and see if it suits your business needs. In addition, TaxWise is compatible with numerous banks. The software also provides several resources for preparing tax returns and preparing payments. By using TaxWise tax software, businesses can increase revenue, improve efficiency, and become more productive. The software also provides access to its Virtual Tax Office, which offers clients an opportunity to communicate with other professionals and obtain assistance.

The software is easy to use. It automatically populates details during set up and highlights compulsory fields. TaxWise can be used by experts as well as entry-level tax preparers. Users can access their tax records from a laptop, desktop, or smartphone. The software also features a comprehensive education library. It includes videos and FAQs that address a wide range of questions and problems. The online help center also provides live help to clients who need assistance.

You can also download additional services such as e-signature and e-payment solutions. To connect to a bank account, the TaxWise software connects to the bank’s electronic filing center and searches for the client’s information. If it cannot find the information you’re looking for, it disconnects without downloading the information. The TaxWise software then displays the payment solutions available to the client. The system also displays the fee for each type of payment solution.

It has a co-branded website

If you are looking for a way to improve the quality of your client communication, you can use TaxWise’s co-branded website. This website will allow you to create and send tax returns, as well as download settlement solutions and collections. The website also provides additional services, such as e-signature. You can also use TaxWise’s online app, which allows you to reach out to prospective clients and send them a link to complete a tax interview. It also lets you email returns and other documents to clients without having to print them out.

TaxWise is dedicated to keeping their website up to date and responsive to changes in the business world. For instance, in 2019, the company added new security features, such as an expiration date on passwords and more stringent password requirements. In 2020, the company plans to add a mobile application. In the meantime, the company will continue to improve their software. The site will also offer a range of other features, such as a video tutorial and FAQs. Users can also access a live chat option if they have questions.

It offers a refund estimate

TaxWise offers a refund estimate tool for both online and desktop users. The software sends clients a link to download the app, set up an account, and complete an interview. It is easy to use and provides an estimate of a client’s refund amount. Users can deduct the cost of tax preparation from their refund amount. TaxWise supports 60 different tax forms in Spanish, making it easy for people to get assistance in their native language. The software is compatible with a variety of payment methods.

To use this feature, users must first enter their EIN or registration code. The program then will search for the client’s information in the database. Once the system has found the client’s information, it will display a list of solutions. The refund estimate will also indicate whether there are any missing information.

In addition to refund estimates, TaxWise Online Mobile app lets clients get an estimated refund amount via their mobile device. TaxWise Online Mobile is designed for tax professionals who need to prepare and file returns electronically. The software also has a client portal that allows users to track the status of their returns.

TaxWise provides the industry’s best tax software and tax preparation tools. It helps preparers maximize productivity and revenue. It also provides a range of fee payment options. From traditional refund transfers to low-cost alternatives, TaxWise makes tax preparation easy. All TaxWise users get an accurate refund estimate.

TaxWise Online is designed for professionals who want to access their files anywhere and at anytime. It also includes a secure vault for tax documents. It also allows clients to sign documents electronically. TaxWise Online has an integrated client portal and is compatible with both the desktop and mobile apps.

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