Lacerte Software Review

Lacerte Software Review

Lacerte is a comprehensive application for year-round tax preparation and filing. Its key features include year-round e-filing, point-of-need guidance, and an e-organizer. It also lets you import data from CSV and Excel files to reduce data entry time.

Intuit Lacerte is a complete tax preparation and filing application

Intuit Lacerte is an integrated tax preparation and filing application that features a variety of add-on applications that streamline and simplify tax preparation and filing. These applications offer a secure cloud-based data management system and 256-bit encryption. They can be used on a single desktop or a network. A number of features enhance the efficiency of the application, including automatic file downloads, automatic matching of tax prep files, and seamless integration with QuickBooks Accountant.

Lacerte offers a wealth of time-saving features, such as highlighting amounts likely to trigger an IRS audit. It is also equipped with an extensive library of tax forms. The tax software can even import data from CSV files or Excel. This way, it can identify any fields that need more information and automatically send a request to the client. This feature eliminates the need to manually enter data for every client.

Whether you are a solo practitioner or an accountant, Lacerte can help you navigate the complex world of tax preparation. It is compatible with QuickBooks and many third-party applications and add-ons. Its enhanced functionality and usability will help you stay up-to-date with new tax laws and regulations. The software can also help you save time by minimizing the chance of IRS rejections, and speed up the refund process.

Intuit Lacerte is an ideal application for accountants and tax professionals who are looking to streamline their workflows. Its time-saving features allow you to complete more returns in less time. The software also has tools to speed up data collection, E-signatures, and payments. It also offers CPE credit for eligible users.

It offers year-round e-filing

Lacerte software offers a variety of tax-filing capabilities. The latest update adds e-filing capabilities to more than 134 tax forms, including partnership and S-Corporation data. In addition, users have more ways to make corrections in their data before posting them. The software also allows users to import data from Excel and CSV files, reducing manual data entry. It can even download W-2 and 1099 data directly from your financial institution.

Lacerte’s year-round e-filing feature makes it easy to file your current and prior-year returns electronically. Users can also e-file multiple forms simultaneously using the software’s enhanced e-file wizard. Another enhancement is the enhanced eSignature feature, which captures more electronic signatures than previous versions. Additionally, users can access their customized Help Center directly from the software’s application.

Lacerte also offers a comprehensive tax planning and analysis tool that keeps up with tax laws and their impact on the financial health of your clients. The software is also very user-friendly and supports multiple user IDs and preparer license files, so there’s no need to find workarounds or use different software programs for different clients.

Intuit Lacerte has numerous time-saving features that help businesses and nonprofits save time while preparing and filing their tax returns. Users can also import data from accounting applications, such as QuickBooks, to make filing more efficient. In addition to tax software, Lacerte also has a suite of financial tools, including a powerful database for analyzing financial and accounting information.

Lacerte’s powerful tax software is a great choice for CPAs and other tax professionals. The comprehensive solution provides more than 5,700 state tax forms and essential tools for a smooth tax preparation process. It includes easy-to-understand prompts and calculations, as well as utilities for preparing and filing returns, such as a trial balance utility and automatic backups.

It offers point-of-need guidance

Lacerte has an excellent range of tools for preparing and filing taxes. However, it also has its limitations. For example, it cannot import Schedule D overrides and cannot handle state and local tax refunds. In addition, it does not support additional estimated payments during the fourth quarter. Another drawback is that it does not include an auto-save feature.

The enterprise version of Lacerte provides a framework for multiple users and multiple license IDs. It retains the point-of-need guidance and hyperlinks to Knowledge Base articles. It also has a feature that enables users to import information from spreadsheets and import it into the software.

The software can also integrate with SmartVault to provide a secure document management system. Its integration with SmartVault helps to reduce work pressure by allowing multiple users to share documents. It can also be used to reduce return filing time per client by providing one-click printing of shared documents. The software also encrypts documents to ensure that they cannot be misused.

Another great feature of Lacerte software is its cloud hosting. Cloud hosting makes it possible for users to access Lacerte from any web-connected device. This frees up users from being tied down to their office PC. It also removes geographical barriers and gives busy professionals a competitive edge.

It offers e-organizer

Lacerte software is an integrated tax application that can help CPAs manage their clients’ tax returns. Its comprehensive features include e-signatures, integrated financial institution data, and an e-organizer. This solution is hosted on SSAE 18-certified servers and offers a range of security features, including a VPN and multi-factor authentication.

Lacerte’s e-organizer allows firms to collect information from clients electronically, email completed forms to clients, and attach documents. It integrates with SmartVault, allowing users to automatically download W-2 and 1099 information from a payroll provider or financial institution. It can also import stock transactions from spreadsheets.

Lacerte’s tax software offers enhanced e-filing capabilities for tax year 2018 and supports 50 tax return types. In addition to this, it offers an e-Organizer that allows you to manage unlimited tax customers. The software is designed to be installed on a workstation or a server and is accessible remotely.

The software integrates with SmartVault, a secure online portal for document management. The user can also print completed forms directly to SmartVault. It also has the ability to import 1099 and W-2 data from CSV and Excel files. In addition, the utility allows users to import data from a variety of other applications, including QuickBooks.

Lacerte software is suitable for CPA firms of all sizes. It handles a wide range of return types, including individual and corporate returns. The software can also help you file multiple returns in a single day. Its flat worksheet-like forms and round-the-clock guidance make it easy to use and navigate.

The e-organizer saves time and money by removing the need to print organizers for each client. It also helps reduce data entry errors and allows clients to directly transfer completed forms to the tax preparer. The software also offers an e-signature utility that allows clients to electronically sign forms. It also supports secure data transfer with 256-bit encryption.

It offers eSignature feature

With Lacerte’s eSignature feature, your clients can electronically sign documents on any device. Moreover, the software keeps track of all signatures in real time, giving your clients the convenience of signing documents from any location. Its user-friendly dashboard allows you to monitor and manage signature requests, as well as select the appropriate authentication for different types of documents.

Lacerte has advanced e-filing capabilities and supports more than 134 new tax forms. It also allows users to file multiple forms at once. It also supports the e-filing of S-Corporations and partnership data. The software also has an enhanced e-file wizard. It also boasts of line-by-line help and a dedicated help center.

Another benefit of Lacerte’s e-organizer is that it allows firms to easily import data from CSV or Excel files. It also enables firms to easily send e-forms to their clients and send them an email with a link to the relevant documents. Moreover, Lacerte integrates with SmartVault, which lets users print tax forms to SmartVault for safekeeping. It can also download W-2 and 1099 information from payroll providers and import stock transactions from a spreadsheet.

Lacerte hosting on the cloud also allows users to access Lacerte from any web-connected device. This means that users no longer need to be tied to their office PC. Moreover, it helps busy professionals overcome geographical barriers and access the application from anywhere in the world. So, if you are looking for a cost-effective and convenient solution to your Lacerte needs, Lacerte’s cloud-hosted solution is worth considering.

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