Is EasyACCT From Intuit Right For Your Small Business?

Is EasyACCT From Intuit Right For Your Small Business?

If you’re looking for an easy accounting software package, you may want to check out EasyACCT from Intuit. It integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks, offers automatic check-writing, and can even calculate employee time-off benefits. But is EasyACCT the right program for your small business? Let’s take a look at its features and costs.

Intuit’s EasyACCT is an easy accounting software with full-service write-up package

EasyACCT is a software package that allows you to prepare your own financial statements. It also comes with payroll and W-2 and W-3 modules. It supports SUTA for 14 states and includes modules for fixed asset depreciation and bank reconciliation. Its name, “easy to use,” is true, and the program’s installation process is fairly straightforward.

Among its features are automatic input of due dates on invoices. It can also erase entire data sets. However, this minor flaw can easily be worked around by incorporating third-party software. Additionally, it can take up to two days for the software to sync credit card transactions.

Unlike many other programs, Intacct’s write-up service doesn’t require any accounting knowledge. The program has a unique Chart of Accounts and allows you to define data segments using labels. It is ideal for business owners or leaders who like to dig into reports and want to be able to access them at any time.

Xpert Write-up provides full ATF payroll and W-2/1099 printing, as well as time tracking capabilities. It also offers full client billing and payroll processing. The Premium edition also includes a trial balance report and improved tax interface export. This software also has MICR check printing capabilities, which is useful for small businesses.

EasyACCT is also very user-friendly. It includes an array of features, including to-do lists, reminders, and 24/7 customer support. Users can easily export their financial data to Excel for analysis. The software also allows them to import data from PDF files and iPhones. They can also create customer groups, run reconciliation reports, and hide unwanted rows in their charts. They can also connect to Gmail.

It integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks

EasyAcct integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks, allowing you to easily access and manage your business’ finances. You can sync up to two months of data in one click. Once synchronization is complete, you can continue to use the same features you’re used to using QuickBooks. This way, you don’t have to worry about syncing data from two different systems and risk making mistakes.

EasyACCT supports the W-2, W-3, 940, 941, 1099, and more. The software can be installed on individual workstations or over a network. It also allows you to manage your year-end wage reporting process and electronically print required forms. It also supports the Information Return System (IRS) and can keep payroll data for two years.

EasyAcct can be integrated with QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop through the Commerce Sync app. This app allows you to connect your Square account to QuickBooks and seamlessly import data. You can also make payments through Square using your QuickBooks account. If you don’t want to use QuickBooks Online, you can use the Square Connect app to link your accounts. The app costs $12 for QuickBooks Online and $32 for QuickBooks Desktop.

It provides automatic check-writing

If you use QuickBooks EasyACCT to process check-writing and other business transactions, you can save time and effort by avoiding the need for manual entry. This software integrates with your banking system, and offers automatic check-writing and depreciation methods. EasyACCT also provides access to Asset Management and other modules.

EasyACCT offers an extensive feature set and is easy to use. It includes features that make it a good choice for small to medium-sized businesses. It also helps you reconcile bank statements and maintain bank account information. It has a graphical interface, which is easy to use and includes a variety of options for improving efficiency.

EasyACCT can automatically write employee checks, calculate payroll, and create 1099 and W-2 forms. It also maintains two years of payroll information. You can also create transmission files for the W-2 form and generate 940 and 941 forms. You can configure up to ten accrual items per company, which you can then assign to four employees each.

It calculates employee time-off benefits

EasyACCT allows you to calculate employee time-off benefits automatically. The program also lets you set up accruals for paid time off, vacation time, and sick pay. You can set up as many as four paid time-off codes. EasyACCT allows you to set up automatic accrual for up to four employees, each with their own accrual code.

The accrual account is a spreadsheet that is updated each month. It represents the estimated future pay of an employee’s vacation time. This value is then reconciled against actual amounts paid. This allows you to know what employees have accrued and what they actually received. You can also use this feature with payroll software to calculate employee time-off benefits.

An employee benefits spreadsheet is essential to accurately calculate benefits every month. It should include a cumulative column with earned amounts and paid amounts. This total should match the accrued vacation and sick time value for each month. It should also account for any employer taxes related to accrued benefits.

It generates 1099s

Intuit EasyACCT is a software application that allows you to generate and file 1099s and W-2s. It automatically calculates these forms, as well as 940 and 941 forms, and maintains payroll information for up to two years. The software also creates transmission files for W-2 and 1099 forms.

Intuit EasyACCT also has a Write-Up module that lets you transfer data from your book transactions into ProSeries or Lacerte tax products. It also provides a convenient way to reconcile your monthly bank statements. This module also offers a comprehensive report for your accounts, including account numbers, descriptions, balances, and adjusting debits and credits.

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