How to Unlock Wrestlers in WWE

Creating missing Superstars in WWE

If you’re looking to create a new Superstar in WWE 2K22, you’re in luck! This game allows you to create any wrestler you want! You’ll find them in the Custom Superstars tab on the main character select screen. Then, just click on “Download” to download the new Superstar into your game. The custom Superstar will be displayed in the Superstar list, which you can access with the shoulder buttons.

Another great feature of WWE 2K22 is its massive roster. There are over 150 different wrestlers in the game, which is bigger than any previous WWE game. Despite this massive roster, there are still some big names missing from the game’s roster. Thankfully, the game offers future DLC updates that will allow you to add more wrestlers to your collection.

For example, if Paige and Daniel Bryan aren’t in the game, you can add them in with the Community Creation feature. While they’re not 100% realistic, you can use them to create new characters. Additionally, you can download other people’s custom characters to give your game a unique feel.

Another example of an infamous wrestler missing from WWE 2K22 is Zelina. Zelina was axed by the WWE in late 2020 but made a surprise comeback the following summer by winning the first Queen’s Crown tournament. Zelina was not included in the game’s DLC, but LassKickBoss has created a CAW character that is realistic. It also has an accurate entrance and moveset. While the WWE didn’t release Wes Lee in WWE 2K22 DLC, he did appear in the game’s Stand Back Pack.

Currently, the roster of WWE 2K22 is made up of 221 wrestlers, including legendary WWE stars and superstars. However, many current Superstars didn’t make it into the game’s roster. These superstars include Shanky, Alicia Fox, and Paige.

Earning alternate attires

You can get alternate attires for your wrestlers with the help of a mod called Universal Alternate Attire Unlock. This helper mod works with any modded wrestler and can unlock up to 10 alternate attires per wrestler. It comes with a Data Editor and an Attire Name Editor that lets you name your alternate attires and unlock the wrestlers with those attires.

You can unlock WWE Superstars and Legends by unlocking their alternate attires. You can also earn rewards for winning the Superstar and Legend challenges. Earning these rewards will also give you access to the Legend shopzone and the Heat and Velocity arenas. Besides, if you have multiple memory cards, you can play the multiplayer mode. After you have obtained these unlocks, you can copy the enhanced wrestlers from Card 1 to Card 2.

Earning alternate attires to unlock wrestler models can help you customize the look of your superstars. In WWE 2K14, you could customize your superstar’s model with the help of “Superstar Threads” and “Superstar Heads” modes. Afterwards, you could also customize your superstars’ attire by selecting one of 10 animations. However, you could not add headgear or masks to your wrestler’s avatar. In WWE 2K15, this feature was removed, but the game’s next-generation consoles introduced a “Superstar Threads” mode, which allowed players to change the color of their featured superstar’s attire.

You can also unlock some WWE legends through DLCs. The DLCs available include “The Legends Pack” (which costs $8.99 on Steam) and the “MyPlayer Kick Start” (which lets you enhance your Superstar’s career.

Earning championships

In WWE 2K17, there are many ways to earn championships and unlock wrestlers. These include using VC (Virtual Currency) that can be spent in the VC Store. Earning championships will let you unlock legendary Superstars, classic arenas, and create-a-championship matches. However, in order to unlock these characters, you must complete the MyCareer mode and play in WWE Universe Mode.

The game features 60 characters that are available to unlock. The characters in WWE 2K17 can be purchased using VC, or you can buy them individually with real money. To purchase VC, you can either pay a set amount of money or invest in the game itself. You can also purchase legends as individual items.

The WWE 2K Showcase mode is another way to unlock wrestlers in the game. This mode focuses on the highlights of one superstar, which is Rey Mysterio. It is available to players after they have completed the first 11 objectives. To unlock Rey Mysterio, you must first play through twelve classic matches.

There are three trophies that unlock wrestlers in WWE 2K17: World Heavyweight, WWE Tag Team, and WWE Intercontinental. The first two are relatively easy to unlock, but the Intercontinental Championship is the hardest to get. It may take up to 9 months of match play to earn the title. However, earning the title will give you access to many more WWE superstars.

Besides earning championships to unlock wrestlers, you can also unlock a superstar’s personality and style. To earn the “Through the Table” trophy, you must defeat an opponent with the “Irish Whip” skill. You should beat your opponent until he is on the ground.

Purchasing Paul Heyman in WWE 2K17

Purchasing Paul Heyman in WWE 2K 17 is a great way to add the legendary manager to your team. Heyman will provide long-term challenges and big payouts if you win titles under his management. He may even bestow you with the biggest honor in wrestling – the WWE Championship. Fortunately, you’ll have the help of The Beast Brock Lesnar and Heyman’s crooked ringside management skills to help you achieve that goal.

To buy Paul Heyman, first, visit MyCAREER and open up the Managers menu. There, you will see your character box. Go to the manager tab and click on Paul Heyman. After you unlock Heyman, you need to complete the Paul Heyman challenge, which requires you to win your first championship belt on the main roster. The Roadmap also offers tips on how to get the first championship belt to unlock Paul Heyman. Once you’ve completed this challenge, Heyman will offer to be your manager on RAW.

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