How to Play Madden 18 on PC

If you’re wondering how to play Madden 18 on PC, there are a few things you should know. First, you’ll want to set up field goals and make sure to choose the right trajectory for the kick. The trajectory determines how far the ball will go and depends on how much power you use. During your kick, you can adjust the trajectory and aim for the middle trajectory marker. This gives you the greatest margin of error.

Frostbite graphics engine

With the Frostbite graphics engine for Madden 18, EA is promising major visual improvements and a new gameplay experience. This is not the first time EA has used this technology. The company previously used the same engine in games like Battlefield 1 and Star Wars: Battlefront. The company also maintains an engineering team to keep the Frostbite tools up to date.

Many fans are looking forward to seeing how this graphics engine will change the way the game looks and plays. The new engine is capable of creating realistic weather conditions and physics. For example, the weather could change from rain to snow to clear. This is an exciting addition to the Madden series and should provide some much-needed visual boosts. In addition, the Frostbite engine will likely make the Story Mode experience much more immersive, especially with its increased visuals.

EA has already announced a Tom Brady cover for Madden 18. Interestingly, the company also revealed that the game will feature the Frostbite graphics engine. The game will be the first Madden game to feature this technology. As of now, no details have been announced regarding the story mode, but EA has confirmed that the game will have a story mode.

Madden 18 will be released later this year on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The game will be the first from the EA Sports series to use the Frostbite graphics engine. Previously, Madden games have used the EA Ignite engine. However, FIFA switched over to the Frostbite engine last year, and Madden has followed suit.

The Frostbite graphics engine for Madden 18 will make it possible to experience realistic and dynamic environments. It will also allow players to use any space in the game. Moreover, the new Frostbite 3 engine features weather effects and physics-based rendering.


In Madden 18, there are new controls and features to learn. For example, the new ‘Longshot’ mode borrows from the Telltale Games formula. It allows you to guide a young prospect to the NFL draft. You can also select which position you want to be drafted in.

While the controls of Madden 18 on PC remain similar to those of previous versions, the new Real Player Motion physics will enable you to make more accurate cuts and direction changes. For example, you can now lock on to a receiver and play tight coverage. You can also control the blocker and run routes.

Madden NFL 18 has improved the game’s defenses. While it is still challenging to make plays on the ball, you can take advantage of the defensive tips and techniques in Madden NFL 15. You can also use the defensive modifiers to delay your catches to fool defenders.

The keyboard controls are complicated, and they take advantage of every available button. However, the WASD controls cannot replicate the pressure-sensitive nuance of thumbsticks, so Madden 19 offers a virtual thumbstick for a more realistic experience. The virtual thumbstick appears as a small circle in the right corner of the screen. Moving the mouse in that direction will saunter the player in the same direction, while a slight move on the mouse will speed up the player’s speed.

Pass blocking

Pass blocking is a very important aspect of football. During the pre-snap phase, defensive linemen and pass rushers will work together to create pressure on the quarterback. The offense will attempt to avoid the blitz with short routes. They will also use screen plays and draws to gain leverage over the defense. However, in Madden, these play types have not been consistent enough to be effective. This is because of limitations in Madden’s blocking logic and play recognition. Having the option to program such plays would balance the passing game and limit excessive sacks.

Another flaw in Madden 18’s blocking mechanics is that the defender and blocker both lock up before the game rolls. As a result, it becomes difficult to read the integrity of the pocket and sense pressure. This can make it easy to miss a pass or fumble.

When playing Madden 18 on PC, pass blocking requires a great deal of skill. It’s important to remember that a defender can extend an arm and grab the ball carrier. You’ll also need to be able to keep your distance from the receivers. If you’re unsure of how to block a pass, there are a few things you can do to improve your blocking skills.

In real life, passing is difficult, but fortunately, Madden implements some key changes that make it more realistic. One of the biggest changes is the introduction of X-Factor animations for pass rushers. These animations are more flashy and easy to spot in a video game, but the key difference is that they only apply to certain types of pass rushers. Other block types retain the usual binary animations.

HDR support

HDR support in Madden NFL 18 is a welcome addition, as the game will now look even better on an HDR TV or Xbox One S. While the developer has yet to announce a release date for the game, the company has confirmed that it will be added to the game in a future patch.

In addition to HDR support, Madden 18 will have a new Steeler towel and a smaller football. The new edition of Madden NFL will be available for download and play for free during the upcoming Xbox One X launch. The game is also available at a 33% discount for this time period.

However, you must note that not all games support HDR. You need an HDR-capable Amp to get the best out of your HDR experience. The Amp needs to be HDR-compatible, and it must support the EDID (Enhanced Display Identification Data) standard that PS4 uses to communicate with its display.

If you want to enjoy HDR support in Madden 18, you’ll need a high-end TV with an HDR capability. HDR allows you to play games with even better colors and more intense graphics. HDR is best for HDR-capable TVs, and you’ll need to own an Xbox One X or Xbox One S with HDR support.

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