How to Get Gold Gear in For Honor

There are a few different ways to obtain gold gear in For Honor. The first is to play consistently. For every match you win, you’ll be rewarded with a piece of gear. Each piece of gear has a certain rarity and level, and it will change your character’s stats. The gear you earn will appear in the customization menu.


If you want to level up your character quickly, you can use steel to buy better gear. Steel can be spent to refine weapons and armor and unlock cosmetic customization. It can also be used to purchase effects and emotes. This will make you look great and give you more options when you taunt and kill enemies.

Steel is earned by finishing matches and completing daily objectives. You can spend it to customize your outfits and skins. The most expensive skins can cost up to 15,000 steel. Other items, such as shields, can also cost thousands of steel. For the best Steel gear, use the premium packs.

There are three ways to earn Steel in For Honor. You can either purchase it in-game or sell it at MMOAuctions. This method requires more time, so you must be aware of the time commitment involved. You can also sell your steel items to other players on MMOAuctions. The more Steel you have, the more powerful your warrior will be.

Steel gives you the ability to equip better gear for nearly every Hero. Obtaining this type of gear gives you better stats and more options to play the game the way you want. Generally, you receive weapon and armor gear as rewards from match. However, with the addition of the Champion Status, the frequency of receiving better gear increases exponentially.


There are ways to obtain salvage gold gear in the game of Honor. Salvaged equipment will yield valuable materials that you can use for your character. The first step to salvage equipment is to purchase the Salvage Solvent, which can be bought from General Merchant NPCs. You can also buy pets known as Agathions which will give you passive bonuses while in battle.

Stat-selectable armour pieces

There are several ways to obtain stat-selectable armour pieces for Honor. The easiest way is to purchase them from a vendor. You can find these items in various locations, including Halloween, the Festival of the Four Winds, and the Iron Legion. Other methods include selling items, which can be cheaper than buying them.

Stat selectable armour pieces are the easiest way to obtain exotic armour. The Bladed Armour, for instance, is associated with the Heart of Thorns expansion and the Verdant Brink expansion. Most Icebrood Saga story meta-achievements also give single pieces of stat-selectable armour.

You can also obtain stat-selectable armour from chests. Two such chests are the Ice Golem’s Maw Box and the Shoulders of the Ebon Vanguard Choice Chest. Another way to get stat-selectable armor is by participating in the Verdant Brink meta event. These events reward gold and materials.

In order to obtain this exotic armour, you’ll need to obtain at least ten stabilizing matrices and fifteen fractal relics. Each of these items trades for about 30 silver on the TP, which is over three gold. It takes at least three hundred and fifty shards to get a full set of stat-selectable armour pieces for honour. This cost does not include the 132 fractal pages that are required for the full set of armour.

Exotic backpieces

Exotic backpieces are a great way to give your character the best look possible. They come with stats that can be difficult to find elsewhere. They also give you access to unique stat combinations that you may not otherwise have. These pieces are generally sold for a lower price in the Trading Post than they are in the Guild Commendation Trader.

Trading post

If you want to get gold gear quickly, one of the best ways to do it is at a Trading Post. Players can easily sell and buy items in this place, but it is important to remember that you will have to pay a Listing Fee and Trading Tax. Also, it is best to sell your items using a Sell Order. In the end, you can sell them at a higher price if you wish.

The Trading Post is located in the central part of your settlement and offers many different items for sale. You can also place buy orders for certain items. These orders will ask for a specific price. The prices are usually lower than the normal prices, which works in your favor. However, be sure to watch out for sellers who will try to charge higher prices than they are worth.

You will need to sell the items you have crafted, and if you sell them on the Trading Post, you can make some cash. Some crafting materials can be worth up to 30 silver each. If you have a lot of crafting materials, you should consider selling them at the Trading Post. This is a standard way of making money in MMORPGs, and it requires a bit of luck and foresight to be profitable.

Trading Posts are similar to Auction Houses, but the prices are player-driven. The prices vary in each settlement, and some items are more valuable than others. This is why it is important to compare prices between Trading Posts before making a purchase.

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