How to Change Move Goal on Watch

Whether you want to start a new exercise program or make a better move in your workout routine, it’s important to set a goal and keep it. If you don’t keep track of your progress, you’ll never make it. In this article, we’ll show you how to change the goal on your watch so you can keep moving towards your goal and stay motivated.

Smart Move goal

Changing your Smart Move goal on your watch is an easy way to keep your daily challenge in check. By setting a new target, you’ll untie yourself from Apple’s dictations and make the task of moving a bit easier.

The Apple Watch measures and records your movement, using your heart rate to track your calorie burn. Each movement counts towards your Move goal. To change your Move goal, tap the Change Move Goal button in the Activity app.

Once you’ve set your Move goal, you can adjust it as often as you like. You can even share your goal with friends. If you’ve exceeded your goal, Apple Watch will reward you with additional rewards.

Your Move goal is based on a variety of factors, such as your age, gender, and fitness level. It’s based on information you provided to Apple when you first purchased your watch. If you’ve been wearing your watch for a while, your goal might change.

If your Move goal is too high, it can become demotivating. Set a lower goal, though, and you’ll find it easier to burn calories. The Apple Watch will keep suggesting higher Move goals until you’ve reached one that’s too difficult for you.

You can change your Move goal on your Apple Watch at any time. To do so, tap the Change Move Goal button in the Apple Watch Activity app. You can also tap the minus or plus button to make your goal more or less challenging.

If you have an older Apple Watch, you may find it difficult to change your Move goal. You’ll also want to ensure that your watch is compatible with WatchOS 7, or you may not be able to change your goal.

The Apple Watch can be paired with multiple health plans. This means that you can customize your exercise regimen to match your health plan. You can also share your exercise goals with friends.

You can also change your Move goal using the Digital Crown. Press the Change Move Goal button to view a new window. Once you’ve selected a new goal, press “OK” to save the changes.

Keep it going

Changing your Move goal isn’t for the faint of heart, but it can be done with relative ease. The secret to success is in figuring out the best way to set your goal, aka how to maximize your watch’s potential. Luckily, Apple’s WatchOS 7 provides a myriad of options to get the job done. Using the watch to your advantage can have many benefits, including lessening the chances of injury, enhancing your resiliency, and ensuring a hazard-free workout. Whether you’re a casual gym goer or a dedicated athlete, the Watch is your best friend. Changing your Move goal can be accomplished with the press of a button.

You can even do the same for your home screen with the watch’s new Activity and Controls screen. While a plethora of options might sound daunting at first, a little trial and error will ensure your success. Getting the right Move goal can lead to significant perks including better overall health, fewer injuries, and even more free time to boot. A Move goal is the smart way to improve your health.

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