Drake Tax Planner Review

Drake Tax Planner Review

If you’re a tax professional, you probably know the importance of double-checking your information before you file your tax return. Whether you are a novice or an experienced professional, errors are common, and re-checking your information is imperative. Drake’s DoubleCheck feature makes this possible. Users can flag items as flagged, noted, or verified to ensure they’ve entered the right information. And if you change any information, the software will flag the new entry, allowing you to easily fix the error.

Backup and Restore feature

The backup and restore feature in Drake tax planner enables you to back up your data and restore it at a later date. You can schedule automatic backups or create custom one-time backups. Once you’ve backed up your files, you can restore them from any location and even upload them to a new machine for use later. Once the backup is complete, you can open the program from your new computer and select which files to restore.

To restore a specific file, click on the Restore Items From Backup dialog and select the file that needs to be restored. You can also select whether to restore specific files or the entire folder. If you want to restore everything, choose the Restore Everything option and confirm. Then, click on the Yes button to proceed.

The backup and restore feature in Drake tax planner makes it easy to store and access your client data. It also enables you to mark fields that need to be reviewed. It will also allow you to save data in a centralized format, which saves you time when it comes to filing taxes.

The backup and restore feature in Drake tax planner allows you to choose the location of the backup file. The backup location can be on a local or network drive. You can also back up to a secure file server. You can also use a cloud storage service such as SecureFilePro.

When you’re preparing a tax return, it’s important to have your client data available at all times. The backup and restore feature in Drake tax planner will allow you to keep all important data in case of an unexpected change in circumstances. Using it to file your return will help you assess whether you’ve changed your circumstances. It will also enable you to compare the filing status of each client.

Secure File Pro

With SecureFilePro for Drake tax planner, you can safely store and deliver client data to clients without worrying about security. The software uses an authenticated eSignature process to secure all data uploaded and stored. There are several ways to protect client data and information with SecureFilePro. Here are some of them.

Secure File Pro for Drake tax planner automatically updates client data and files so that you don’t have to. It also provides the ability to back up your data and restore tax information with ease. This prevents surprises by ensuring that your clients’ tax information is always up-to-date. And because the software can be hosted in the cloud or on CD, you can work from any location.

Whether you prepare tax returns for a small business or a large enterprise, Drake software is a comprehensive and secure electronic file manager that offers customizable document organization, integrated email, multiple year data storage, and a tax planner that makes tax filing easier than ever. It also provides easy navigation between screens and helps reduce keystrokes while ensuring the security of client data.

In terms of ease of use, Drake is an easy to learn tool with a minimal ramp-up time. It also has excellent customer service. Even before the release of SecureFilePro, Drake’s support had been solid. However, since the release of SecureFilePro, the company has not been very responsive to customer queries and issues. The company should care more about their customers.

Secure File Pro for Drake tax planner allows users to store any type of document. It supports all popular file formats and is compatible with most popular document formats. It is a good choice for mid-sized accounting firms. It is compatible with the entire Drake Software suite.

Tax planning scenarios

The Drake tax planner features built-in recommendations and a simple implementation process. It also lets you import data from spreadsheets and various applications. It also offers an 8949 import tool. You can also use a template that is part of the knowledge base to create your own custom scenario. In addition, the app also lets you compare up to three different scenarios.

Among other features, Drake Tax planner shows how various factors will affect your tax. It allows you to save and compare multiple scenarios, and even customize reporting options. The tool even supports e-signatures, which eliminates the need to stamp tax forms by hand. In addition, the app also has the option of comparing future tax scenarios with past returns.

Another new feature in Drake is the Dashboard, which enables tax preparers to review the current performance of their business. It translates data into interactive, pre-built charts and provides insights on the health of the business. To access the Dashboard, administrators can give specific users permission to do so. These users will receive an email containing the login information. Administrators can also set goals to evaluate business performance.

Other features of the Drake software include a document manager with a database of important tax documents. The program also has an integrated Drake PDF printer, which enables you to convert scanned documents into PDF documents. The software also has security options that ensure confidential data. You can also import your client’s prior year tax returns into Drake’s database. This feature enhances your professionalism by helping you to understand the client’s financial situation.

Drake Tax is also an ideal solution for smaller businesses. It offers a more comprehensive tax planning experience than its competitors. It is also affordable when compared to other professional tax software.

Customer service

Drake Tax Planner is an easy-to-use program that provides professional tax preparers with a streamlined approach to planning their clients’ taxes. The program allows tax professionals to quickly and easily compare a client’s current tax situation to a variety of different scenarios. The software also features an easy-to-use data entry menu to build scenarios quickly.

If you are having trouble with the software, Drake’s knowledge center will be able to assist you. The software also has alerts that let you know when there is a potential error. The software is cloud-based, which means you can access it from anywhere. However, if you’re working on a computer at home, you can always use a CD to install Drake tax planner on your computer.

If you’re a tax preparer, Drake’s tax software will help you save time and money by streamlining the process. The software also offers audit tax reports and e-signature features. These features allow you to complete your taxes efficiently and accurately, while minimizing the workload of your staff.

To use Drake Tax, you need to have a MAPI-compliant email account. You can also use Drake’s portal to send documents to your organizers. It’s a safe and secure alternative to emailing documents. However, you must have a third-party email account or an email program that supports MAPI.

Drake’s tax software supports many different languages, including Spanish. It also includes 12 printable taxpayer forms. It also supports e-filing of state returns and is compatible with most payment methods.

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